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Livestock Waterers

The JUG is a heavy insulated, tough, livestock waterer that Jug Watererprovides clean, cool water to your animals.  It is well suited  for herbivores of all sizes.  The open-bowl design makes it easy to use by young sheep, goats, calves and foals, yet rugged enough for use by mature cattle, horses, bison, and elk.  There are no balls, lids, or flaps for animals to move out of the way.

The unique drawtube works like a giant straw - the animal uses its normal method of drinking by placing its muzzle over the opening in the drinking bowl and sucking up the water, just as it would drink from a natural water hole.  The  drawtube is attached to a feed trap that prevents feed debris that falls off of the animals' mouths from entering the reservoir, keeping the water in the tank exceptionally clean.  An external adjustment screw allows you to easily raise or lower the water level in the drinking bowl.

The JUG is available in one, two, and four bowl models.


Tank Capacity Weight Dimensions
1 bowl 7 gallons 45 lbs.
26" long x 21" wide x 23" high
2 bowl 16 gallons 72 lbs. 42" long x 21" wide x 23" high
4 bowl 45 gallons
125 lbs. 40" long x 38" wide x 24" high

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